Amateur Radio Class Licence Has Commenced From Today

The class licence has now commenced. It means qualified amateur operators can operate foundation, standard or advanced amateur stations without needing to apply for an individual licence or pay any fees.   Want to know more ?

Surrender Your Licence And Apply For A Refund*

As an individual licence will no longer be required to operate when the amateur class licence commences, current licensees can choose to surrender their licence and may be eligible for a pro-rata refund on the annual tax already paid.   Want to know more ?

Club Station Operation Under Class Licence.

a qualified person can operate the station under the conditions of their qualification. A person can operate the station under the conditions higher than that a person holds with a qualified supervisor in attendance.   Want to know more ?

Declaration of Election

The WIA Returning Officer, John Marshall has made a declaration of Election of Directors.   Want to know more ?

Vale Patrick Emery.

The Board of the WIA offer their condolences to the family and friends on the passing of Patrick Emery from ACMA.   Want to know more ?

WIA National Office closure dates

WIA National Office closure dates for Christmas and New Year.   Want to know more ?

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