Lake Boga Flying Boat 75th Anniversary

The commemorative callsign VI3FB75 will be active on March 17-19 at the Lake Boga Catalina Communications Bunker at Swan Hill, in northwest Victoria.   Want to know more ?

Rotary Club Foundation Centenary VI100TRF

The Rotary Foundation began in 1917 with a meagre donation, to now being able to fund a number of activities for the world including the eradication of the disease polio.   Want to know more ?

WIA election material in the post

The Wireless Institute of Australia election information pack, the 13 statements by candidates, instructions, two envelopes and a coloured ballot paper is now with Australia Post due for delivery to financial WIA members this week.   Want to know more ?

Excellent video from the ISS

Recent use of HAM-TV on the International Space Station in Europe has taken this popular educational activity to a new level.   Want to know more ?

Brenda Edmonds VK3KT LMWIA (sk)

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Brenda Edmonds VK3KT. She died on Sunday February 12, aged 86.   Want to know more ?

Amateur Radio Media Sales

The WIA is seeking a passionate, motivated and energetic volunteer to assist with the sales and management of advertising space in Amateur Radio (AR) magazine.   Want to know more ?

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