Some excellent news from DARC in Germany re access to the 6m Band.

German Amateurs previously only had the frequency band 50.08-51 MHz which was allocated to the amateur radio service on a secondary basis and then had been increased to 50.03-51 MHz.   Want to know more ?

Is 60m Within Our Grasp?

The ACMA website has a few nuggets if you go digging.. Recently released on the ACMA website for public comment, the ACMA is currently seeking feedback on amateur access to the 5 MHz band in Australia    Want to know more ?

AX Prefix on World Telecommunications Day

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is the anniversary date for the creation of the International Telecommunication Union, the ITU, and the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention. May 17 VK amateurs are allowed to replace their VK prefix with AX.   Want to know more ?

WIA 2021 Annual Conference Dates Announced

The dates will be April 30th to May 2nd 2021 and as announced earlier the conference will be held in Hobart Tasmania - second time lucky!   Want to know more ?

Coronavirus: How amateur radio is connecting people during lockdown

Amateur radio use in the UK has seen a "significant" rise during the coronavirus lockdown as people seek new ways of staying connected.    Want to know more ?

2019 Leaderboard press release

The WIA DX Awards Leaderboard competition has concluded for 2019.   Want to know more ?

WIA DX Awards Program - New Plaques

The WIA Awards Committee is pleased to announce the availability of plaques for a number of awards   Want to know more ?

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