WIA 2020 Poll #1 Closing - Action Required

The WIA "Future of Amateur Radio Poll" that was first released on Sunday 16 February and having been open for two weeks, will be closing midnight this Sunday night March 1 ( WA time).    Want to know more ?

WIA 2020 Annual Conference Weekend

The WIA Annual Conference 2020 is only two months away and is shaping up to be one to remember. Sunday the 10th May is packed with half day options. One of these options is a trip out to the Grote Reber Museum and Radio Telescope at Mount Pleasant - about a 20 minute bus ride into the Coal River Valley.    Want to know more ?

Changes To ACMA Consultation 3.4 -3.5 GHz

ACMA recently commenced a consultation on proposed changes to amateur access to the 3400-3575 MHz band on 29 January 2020.   Want to know more ?

DXpeditioners Activating VI3RA

Look out for this activity next month on the 14th and 15th March 2020 as several of the SADARC members along with several other VK’s, including VK3 contesters/DXers and DXpeditioners will be activating VI3RA using the existing antennas arrays of Radio Australia, located in Shepparton, Central Victoria.   Want to know more ?

WIA 2020 Annual Conference Weekend

Our keynote speaker for the WIA 2020 Annual Conference is Professor Elizabeth (Elle) Leane from the University of Tasmania.   Want to know more ?

Amateur operating procedures

The ACMA have today published an information page on their website with details relating to Amateur operating procedures.   Want to know more ?

Future of Amateur Radio POLL # 1

The Future of Amateur Radio Poll will be issued this week   Want to know more ?

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