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2005 News Releases




New Hamsat - Special Event Activity

Date : 16 / 05 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

India's first Hamsat VO-52 will play a role in celebrating the ITU's 140th birthday on Tuesday the 17th of May, less than two weeks after its launch. Special event station AX3ITU on World Telecommunications Day will work through the satellite on three passes over Australia. Noel Ferguson VK3FI, a member of Amateur Radio Victoria, will be signing AX3ITU and looking for contacts at 0045, 1237 and 2335 UTC, 17th May.

Each pass lasts only 10 minutes and Noel is planning to use a fixed transmit frequency without doppler correction. Hamsat VO-52 has a beacon on 145.860 MHz.

A team of 16 Amateur Radio Victoria members will activate AX3ITU on VHF, HF, on the Melbourne ATV repeater VK3RTV and through Hamsat VO-52. A commemorative QSL is available direct to VK3WI or via the bureau. Via - Amateur Radio Victoria


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