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2015 News Releases



ANZAC Centenary callsigns deadline

28/ 02/ 2015   All applications for the commemorative ANZAC suffixed callsigns issued by the WIA must be made fairly soon and certainly finalised before the end of March.
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VI8ANZAC is on the air

23/ 02/ 2015   The Darwin Amateur Radio Club (DARC) continues to be active with the VI8ANZAC callsign to mark the Albert Chalmers Borella journey re-enactment - and has caused many dog-piles on the bands.
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WIA AGM in Canberra

22/ 02/ 2015   As many are already aware, the WIA 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) weekend in May will be in national capital city of Canberra. WIA President Phil Wait VK2ASD announced on this weeks WIA news broadcast details for the weekend.
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WIA Updates Bandplans - (6, 30, 40 and 6 metres)

21/ 02/ 2015   Amateur Radio Bandplans are a voluntary operating code which divides the various amateur bands into segments, in order to minimise interference between often incompatible transmission modes and technologies.
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Australia's Queensland hit by bad weather

20/ 02/ 2015   Major damage has already been caused by Tropical Cyclone Marcia that came ashore ripping roofs off, downing trees, damaging powerlines and other infrastructure.
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Australia's WICEN on alert as storm hits

20/ 02/ 2015   The severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia came ashore in central Queensland as a category 5 storm bringing strong winds and heavy rain.
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ANZAC AX prefix for 48 hours

16/ 02/ 2015   To commemorate ANZAC Day 2015, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will allow all VK radio amateurs to substitute the AX callsign prefix for up to 48 hours, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the landing of ANZAC troops at Gallipoli.
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ANZAC 100 marks an epic journey to enlist

13/ 02/ 2015   The commemorative WIA callsign VI8ANZAC will soon be on air thanks to Darwin Amateur Radio Club, which is covering the Albert Chalmers Borella journey re-enactment.
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Temporary Hitch With Licence Renewal Notices

12/ 02/ 2015   A number of amateurs discovered recently that their licence renewal notice from the ACMA had not arrived, as it had in previous years. Some clubs noticed the same thing with club station and repeater licences.
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Rotary celebrates its 110th birthday

06/ 02/ 2015   The service organisation Rotary International is celebrating its founding 110 years ago with a special event callsign VI 110 ROTARY that will be heard from Australia for three months.
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