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2009 News Releases



First German Mars Mission makes sidestep to Venus

28/ 04/ 2009   Ground station in Bochum generated echoes from Venus
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Google Celebrates The Birthday Of Samual Morse.

27/ 04/ 2009   Today Monday the 27th of April, Google celebrated the birthday of Samual Morse through a custom Google Banner on the Google home page with the word GOOGLE displayed in Morse Code.
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Final Call For Gippstech Special Edition

21/ 04/ 2009   As bookings for GippsTech Special Edition, the 2009 WIA AGM weekend of activities draw to a close, we are aware there are still some people who have indicated they intended to join in the weekend, however we do not appear to have received their registration.
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WIA Features in ACMA's Latest Issue of ACMAsphere Newsletter

17/ 04/ 2009   The April edition of ACMA newsletter ACMAsphere features a story on the new contractual arrangements between the WIA and the ACMA for the provision of amateur examinations, certificate of proficiency issue, and the administration arrangements for the management of call signs.
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AX Callsigns

16/ 04/ 2009   Each year Australian Amateurs have the opportunity of using the "AX" prefix in lieu of "VK" when calling other amateurs on 3 predetermined occasions. These are Australia Day, Anzac Day and World Telecommunications Day.
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2009 Club Grant Scheme targets new projects

14/ 04/ 2009   The WIA Board at its face to face meeting on 1 and 2 March 2009 reviewed the Club Grant Scheme’s operation in 2008, and resolved to conduct the scheme again this year, with a budget of $6,000.
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Commemorative Event to mark 40 Year anniversary of Apollo Moon Landing

14/ 04/ 2009   A group of radio amateurs are planning a commemorative event to mark this years 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
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WIA Welcomes Fibre-to-the-Home Decision

07/ 04/ 2009   The Australian Federal Government today announced its decision on Australias National Broadband Network. In a surprise move, the Government is moving ahead with its own full-blown 100Mb/s fibre to the home rollout.
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Emergency Frequencies Declared For Italian Earthquake.

07/ 04/ 2009   The ARRL report that 7045 and 3640 kHz are being used as emergency frequencies for the Italian earthquake.
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Challenge to Australian 70cm Band Spectrum

02/ 04/ 2009   Today the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) released its initial consultation paper for future arrangements in the 400 MHz spectrum between 420 and 520 MHz. This paper follows on from a previous discussion paper on spectrum options for this band.
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