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2011 News Releases




WIA Emergency Communications Scheme - Update

Date : 10 / 05 / 2011
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

Last week the Board of the WIA proposed a name, RAVEN – Radio Amateur Volunteer Emergency Network - for the WIA’s new national emergency communications training and accreditation scheme. We were taken by surprise by the response received to the proposed name. Some believed that including the word 'network' in the acronym suggested that the WIA is planning to form an emergency communications ‘network’ in direct competition with at least some of the WICEN groups.

We believed the WIA’s new training and accreditation program would be seen as complementing, supporting and strengthening the activities of the WICEN groups rather than competing with them. The WIA’s primary focus at this time is on the training and national accreditation of emergency communications operators. It will not, at least for the time being, use the term RAVEN to describe these current activities.

The WIA office is currently implementing the necessary systems and procedures for the accreditation process. Australian licensed radio amateurs who have completed the WIA’s training program, or hold the necessary qualifications and who are WIA members are now invited to apply for WIA Accreditation as an Emergency Communications Operator. Full information and application forms can be found on the WIA website in the Emergency Communications section under the Members Area dropdown menu or by clicking the following links direct to the PDF files.
  Accreditation information Link
  Accreditation application form Link

The WIA board is acutely aware that Amateur Radio can only guarantee long-term retention of its spectrum and privileges if it can clearly demonstrate a benefit to society. Having a nationally recognised and effective emergency communications support capability within amateur radio is a powerful way to demonstrate that 'public benefit,' and the WIA Board is continuing to work towards that objective.


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