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Have your say on the draft Volunteer Charter

Date : 22 / 01 / 2017
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

Development of a Charter for WIA Volunteers was agreed and announced by the Board in 2016.

Work on the draft continued during the year, based on principles defined by the community-based non-government organisation (NGO) Volunteering Australia.

The Board reviewed the draft Volunteer Charter in October, which was then circulated to WIA Committee volunteers in November for their feedback.

Now revised following feedback from Committee volunteers, the new draft Volunteer Charter is released to the Amateur Radio community at large for comment. Download the file from the link below.

The deadline for response of 28 February 2017. You can send your feedback via the online WIA Consultation form, accessible via this Link

Results from the first round

The November consultation round had responses from volunteers involved across the awards/contests, broadcast, education, historical, publicity, and technical advisory delivery of WIA services. Each respondent gave the draft Volunteer Charter a thumbs up.

The proposed tenure period of two years for volunteer roles to last before re-advertising them for expressions of interest received mixed responses. Some expressed the view that the two-year period would be too short for some roles, while one suggested tenure might be annually tied to the AGM.

The issue of demarcation between directors’ roles and those of Committees was raised. The Charter sets out the principle that each Committee has a director assigned who provides a conduit between the Committee and the Board to keep the Board informed of the Committee’s operations and to keep volunteers informed of relevant Board actions and requirements. It has always been the case that there is separation between directors and most Committees.

WIA membership status for Committee members was also raised, as some current volunteers are not WIA members, but support the work of the WIA. In future, it is expected that those few non-member volunteers will need to also accept the Charter to continue in their roles.

Next steps

It is expected that the Committees’ roles, functions and activities will be discussed by the new WIA Board in the latter half of 2017.

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