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WIA Board makes major decisions

Date : 02 / 07 / 2017
Author : WIA Board Of Directors

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Board of Directors has looked at the major changes it can make as it sets its future course, while also dealing with routine matters. On finances the seven directors have considered some budgetary matters, the balance sheet, and the membership level.

Major changes will see the formation of two WIA Board Sub-committees. The first is an 'Audit and Risk Committee', with its terms of reference to be reviewed and presented at the July meeting. It will have the Directors Greg VK2GPK as the Chair, David VK4MZ, Phil VK2ASD and Marcus VK5WTF.

The second will be a 'Strategy Committee' looking at the WIA in the medium and long term. Directors Brian VK2GCE and David VK4MZ are taking the lead to set it up, putting a call to members for expressions of interest and reviewing of the terms of reference. Both committees are to have a minimum of two Directors and report back to the Board.

Also the WIA Board supports Directors having undergone training provided by the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Three Directors have had similar training in the last five years making them exempt, with four to do the courses on 'Governance in Action, 'The Director Mindset', 'The Role of the Director', and ‘Duties and Responsibilities'.

Other matters discussed were a review of the national office and improvement recommendations, with the need to fill a vacant QSL Manager position being referred to Radio Activities Committee so the VK3 based role is advertised to members. A free copy of The Wireless Men & Women at War book is to be given to all contributing authors, and the Australian War Memorial, with WIA President to sign a thankyou letter for each.

For more information on these and other matters see the WIA Board minutes that will soon be on the WIA website.


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