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Strategy Committee - Join Now

Date : 21 / 07 / 2017
Author : David Ford - VK4MZ

To register your interest in joining the WIA Strategy Committee please visit this Link

Applications are currently open for five members to join the newly formed WIA Strategy Committee. The Committee has been formed to:
• Develop and recommend strategic goals of the WIA.
• Provide advice that will strengthen the WIA’s core competencies.
• Identify investment opportunities and decision-making procedures that will enhance the benefit and quality of significant WIA investment decisions.

Being a member of the WIA’s Strategy Committee is a significant opportunity to gain experience in formulating an organisational strategy. Your involvement will have an immediate, and long term, impact on an organisation with approximately 4,000 members.

At a detailed level the role of the Strategy Committee, and its members, is to:
• Recommend the formal structure of the organisations committees, including Terms of Reference
• Study and give advice on strategy for the long-term development of the WIA
• Study and give advice on what product-markets the WIA should pursue
• Study and give advice on significant WIA investment and financing plans
• Study and give advice on significant decisions on production and operational issues
• Study and give advice on other significant matters that can affect the development of the WIA.

This role is best suited to individuals who are highly-motivated with an ability to think long-term and strategically. Someone who is consultative and pragmatic.

Applicants with an education or significant experience in the field of Business and/or Marketing will do well in the committee.

This is a role that has a flexible location. Work is typically conducted via email and internet based collaboration systems with little need to travel or attend meetings in person.


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