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New Microwave & Optical Records Set

Date : 03 / 04 / 2019
Author : WIA

John Martin VK3KM - WIA Records Keeper lets us know that there have been many new microwave records and a new optical record set in VK.

The records list has been updated to include a number of new records set by Iain Crawford VK5ZD, Tim Dixon VK5ZT and David Minchin VK5KK.

New VK1 record for 24 GHz: VK5ZD/1 VK5KK/2 18/03/19 84.2 km
New VK1 and VK2 records for 47 GHz: VK5ZD/1 VK5KK/2 8/03/19 84.2 km
New VK1 and VK2 records for 76 GHz: VK5ZD/1 VK5KK/2 18/03/19 84.2 km
Further VK2 record for 76 GHz: VK5ZD/2 VK5KK/2 21/03/19 95.7 KM
New VK3 and national record for 76 GHz: VK5ZD/3 VK5KK/3 17/03/19 141.1 km
New VK3 record for 122 GHz: VK5ZD/3 VK5KK/3 18/03/19 5.0 km
National Mobile records for 24 GHz, 47 GHz and 76 GHz: K5ZD/M5 VK5KK/M2 25/03/19 28.5 km
New VK1 record for optical comms: VK5ZD/1 VK5ZT/2 18/03/19 84.2 km

There is also a new national Digital Modes record for the 122 GHz band, set by Andrew Anderson VK3CV and Noel Higgins VK3NH:
VK3CV VK3NH 22/03/19 1.6 km

The full lists of past and current VHF-UHF records are available on the Records Update web page:

John Martin VK3KM

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