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WIA Conference Weekend - WARS Centenary

Date : 29 / 05 / 2019
Author : WIA

The second event in the WIA Conference Weekend was the centenary celebration of the Waverley Amateur Radio Society (WARS).

Waverley was formed in 1919 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and continues to be an active club catering for a variety of activities relating to amateur radio and electronics.

WARS is well known for the annual Ferry Contest in Sydney, the WARS Powerpole Distribution Box kit and participation in many amateur radio contests. They have adopted a township in VK2 where they operate the John Moyle Field Day Contest and raise money for township improvements.

The centenary celebration took place in the symbolic Marconi Room of the Sydney Town Hall. John Buckley VK2LWB and John Harper VK2LJ took the audience through the early years of the Waverley club. They then introduced Dr David Dufty who is the author of the book - "The Secret Code-Breakers if Central Bureau - How Australia's signals-intelligence network helped win the Pacific War".

David outlined the part that radio played in Central Bureau and the decrypting of intelligence information from the Japanese leading to key victories in the Pacific theatre during World War 2. David outlined the part of three key players who came together to create Central Bureau.

David then outlined the part that Florence Mackenzie - Mrs Mac played with supplying the Morse code operators that received and transmitted those encrypted signals. David is currently working on another book about Mrs Mac and was able to exchange information at the Conference Dinner with some ALARA members about Mrs Mac.

The Centenary Celebration finished off with an audio message from the ghost of Guglielmo Marconi wishing the Waverley Club best wishes.

A huge thank you to the Waverley Amateur Radio Society for hosting the night and happy centenary.

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