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WIA Conference Weekend - Open Forum

Date : 31 / 05 / 2019
Author : WIA

Following the WIA Annual General Meeting there was an Open Forum held for WIA members. This forum was in the form of a suggestions, comments in a question and answer format.

A summary of the discussions below:

 Comments around the US Licence equivalence and operating under VK regulations
 Transition Out costs for WIA of the assessment and callsign services
 WIA value adding ideas:
○ Increased insurance options for affiliated clubs
○ Access to Google Suite - equivalent to $5/month
○ Enhancing the Magazine - digital, > advertising, > technical articles from QST, QEX, Signal, etc
 Brian VK2GCE presented an analysis of the membership statistics over the last few years
 Men's shed organisations demonstrate how they add social capital to the community and get substantial grants - why can't amateur radio?
 Can the WIA approach the Men's Shed Organisation to explore options
 Can the WIA approach retirement villages to assist members with antennas and installation - promotion of DMR - work the world on a handheld
 Clarification of the role of the Advisors to the Australian Maritime College
 Given there are 15K amateurs all over Australia - why is the WIA not pursuing political lobbying and the Ombudsman? This has worked in the past in NSW in relation to antenna heights
 We need a library of events, tech, ideas, developments, etc where Amateur Radio has demonstrated value to the community
 Need media ready marketing material being pushed to the media streams all the time to raise the profile of amateur radio with the community. This occurs in the US and NZ.
 There is too much looking inwards - project energy outwards to broader community and keep marketing material out there all the time - be media ready
 There was a political party during the general election that was wanting reduced power levels to reduce EMR
 Can the WIA and RASA work together?

The Board has noted these suggestions and question and will consider them at a future Board meeting.

The Open Forum was then closed and attendees enjoyed lunch in the Park Royal Restaurant.

The AGM and Open Forum was videoed and these videos will be available in the near future.

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