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Retrait Français.

Date : 31 / 08 / 2019
Author : WIA & RAC

Thanks to RAC, the Radio Amateurs of Canada for the following story.

There has been a concern – understandably – in the Amateur community over a proposal made by France to study reallocating 144 – 146 MHz to the aeronautical navigation service at a World Radiocommunication Conference, likely in 2023, to accommodate the growing number of ircraft employing new navigation tracking and communication aids.

At the meeting of the Conference Preparatory Group of the Conseil Europëen des Postes et Radiocommunication (CEPT), which concluded on August 30 in Ankara, Turkey – France modified its proposal that the International Telecommunication Union study several frequency segments for sharing with the Aeronautical Mobile Service and withdrew the 144 to 146 MHz segment from the proposal.

This welcome development was the result of an energetic and professional representation by delegates from the International Amateur Radio Union.

73 GraHam VK4BB

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