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Permission to operate Maritime Mobile Granted

Date : 14 / 12 / 2019
Author : WIA Conference Organising Committee

Would you like to operate Maritime Mobile?

Are you coming to the WIA Annual Conference 2020 in Hobart Tasmania?

Choose sea over sky and sail from Melbourne to Devonport for the start of the WIA Annual Conference 2020.

Apart from organising a special discounted rate with the Spirit of Tasmania providing discounted fares and accommodation for two weeks before and after the conference.

We have been given permission by the Maritime Operations group and the Vessel Masters to operate 6m, 2m and 70cm handhelds aboard the ship.

There are some condition of operation that need to adhered to:

  Use of radios is to be in such a way as to respect other passengers.

  Cannot spend time on outside deck areas after 10:30pm as this will cause alarm to security staff.

  Advice must be given to Pursers and Hotel staff when passengers planning to use the hand held radios are travelling (note this will be coordinated via the internal processes and by way of using passenger booking reports)

  In addition to the above it is recommended that any individuals planning to use their radio during the voyage, should identify themselves to the Purser at the reception desk (deck 7) on board at the commencement of the sailing, just to make sure that nothing has changed.

Although we have permission to use radios, TT-Line do reserve the right to deny use of the radios if it is deemed unsuitable by the Master, Hotel Manager or Security on a given sailing, this may be due but not limited to comfort for entire passenger complement, safety or security.

How do you book a place on the Spirit of Tasmania? Take a look at the Conference Information page on the WIA website Link

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