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Some excellent news from DARC in Germany re access to the 6m Band.

Date : 25 / 05 / 2020
Author : Oscar Reyes - VK3TX

Some excellent news from DARC in Germany re access to the 6m Band.

German Amateurs previously only had the frequency band 50.08-51 MHz which was allocated to the amateur radio service on a secondary basis and then had been increased to 50.03-51 MHz. The maximum permitted radiation power here was only 25 watts ERP.

The recent announcement will make many Amateurs worldwide very happy with more opportunities to QSO with Germany on all modes on 6m. From VK we even may soon have more reports of 6m VK-DL QSO’s via Moonbounce (EME) and other propagation modes.

"The German Federal Network Agency has carried out a preliminary provisional implementation of the results of WRC-19 for the 6-meter band. Date: May 18, 2020

German radio amateurs now have access to the 50.000 MHz - 52.000 MHz secondary frequency range with a maximum bandwidth of 12 kHz, transmission types: all, antenna polarization: horizontal, and contest operation: allowed.

In addition Class A (“A license”) holders can now transmit with a maximum of 750 W PEP, holders of an "E license" with 100 W PEP and the rest the limitation to 25 W PEP applies to all as before."

More information on the DARC website (German) via this Link

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