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WIA Board Elections - Call for Nominations

Date : 01 / 12 / 2019
Author : John Marshall

WIA Board Elections - Call for Nominations

Pursuant to clause 14.1 (c) of the Constitution the WIA Board has determined that the election of directors shall be conducted by postal ballot.

Three directors retire at the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting which will be held in Hobart in May 2020, namely Aidan Mountford VK4APM, Dr Harry Edgar VK6YBZ and John Williams VK4JJW Each retiring director is eligible for nomination. There is also 1 vacancy which needs to be filled.

Nominations are called for from persons seeking election as a director of the WIA.

A director must be a voting member of the WIA and must hold an Australian amateur radio license.

Any person wishing to nominate as a candidate for election as director of the WIA must deliver or cause to be delivered to the Returning Officer by not later than 31 January 2020:

A statement signed by the candidate signifying their willingness to be a candidate for election as a director together with; the full name, age, occupation, membership number and call sign of the candidate, and such other biographical details or other information as the candidate wishes to accompany the ballot papers, but in all not exceeding 250 words.

Delivery to the Returning Officer may be made by hand when the WIA national office is open at:

Unit 20
11-13 Havelock Road
Victoria 3153

or by mail to:

PO Box 2042
Bayswater V
Victoria 3153

Nominations received by facsimile or by electronic means cannot be accepted.

John Marshall
WIA Returning Officer
15 Nov 2019

Nomination form is available on the link below

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