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2011 News Releases



Phil VK6KPH recommended for a merit scholarship by Curtin University

30/ 07/ 2011   Congratulations to Phil Hollis-Watts VK6KPH. In July 2011, Phil, was recommended for a merit scholarship by Curtin University in support of his research studies at the Western Australian School of Mines.
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Club Grant Scheme applications close

27/ 07/ 2011   Applications for this year’s grants closed on 25 July 2011. Despite being advertised in AR magazine, on the WIA website and clubs receiving a direct email reminder last week, only three applications were received.
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WIA at Riverina Field Day

27/ 07/ 2011   The WIA will be represented at this Sunday’s Riverina Field Day in Lavington. Our staff members Mal Brooks VK3FDSL and Dianne Ashton VK3FDIZ will be manning the WIA stand, with a wide variety of books and WIA merchandise being offered for sale.
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QSL Cards On The ABC Show "Collectors"

23/ 07/ 2011   Making his appearance on the ABC television show Collectors on the evening of Friday the 29th of July, will be Martin Luther VK7GN.
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IARU Region 3 NEWS Release

19/ 07/ 2011   The IARU Region 3 Directors –Chairman Michael Owen VK3KI, Directors Peter Lake ZL2AZ, Shizuo Endo JE1MUI, Prof. Rhee HL1AQQ and Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN met at the offices of JARL in Sugamo, Tokyo Japan on 14th, 15th and 16th July 2011.
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Renewing Amateur Licences – A Reminder

09/ 07/ 2011   Recently an amateur forgot to renew his licence because he failed to advise the ACMA of his new address, and was upset when his two letter callsign was allocated to someone else.
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Change in Callsign Recommendation Procedure

09/ 07/ 2011   From 8 July 2011 a change has been made to the procedures for a Callsign Recommendation for a two letter callsign in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
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WIA Awards Scheme

08/ 07/ 2011   The WIA Awards Scheme has been developed to a world class level. It is managed by a committee who are responsible to the Board for maintaining the highest standards of award assessment. The current Awards Manager, Keith Bainbridge VK6RK, is not able to continue in the role and a replacement is sought.
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Ham radio far from over or out

07/ 07/ 2011   That is the headline of a lengthy well-researched article by Katie Cincotta in The Age newspaper today which features many aspects of amateur radio that we all enjoy.
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Last Shuttle Flight

03/ 07/ 2011   A veteran Australian astronaut has recalled the exhilarating experience of being thrust into space on the eve of NASA's final shuttle launch.
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